Dr Ben Dunster
General Dentist

Are dental x-rays safe?

At Dr Ben Dunster’s Hornsby dental clinic, we focus on prevention and early treatment to provide the highest benefit to our patients and make it possible for the families in our community to enjoy optimum oral health and confidence in their appearance.

Part of the preventive care we provide includes digital dental x-rays taken on a regular basis to help both Dr Ben and Dr Clint diagnose many conditions before they cause a dental emergency, like a toothache.

We also understand patients’ concerns regarding the safety of dental x-rays. We have implemented digital technology at our Hornsby surgery for improved safety and accuracy. Digital x-rays emit up to 80% less radiation than film x-rays and provide the highest resolution images available.

As part of your check-up and clean, we may recommend x-rays to ensure that conditions such as decay, bone loss, fractures and even cysts or tumours are not present. Dental conditions often do not present with symptoms until they are well advanced and therefore more costly and invasive to treat. Without x-rays, we can only see part of what is happening with your oral health.

We recommend x-rays based on your oral and medical health histories. If you ever have concerns regarding the necessity of safety of any treatment we provide, let us know and we will be happy to discuss it with you.