Dr Ben Dunster
General Dentist

Is it ok to send my children to school with fruit juice poppers for lunch?

The short answer is no!

Many Mums ask if fruit juice drinks are healthy for my children, especially as they have no added sugars, and they are marketed as healthy?

This is also the case for fruit chews.

They all contain a lot of sugars, including natural sugars. They can be very acidic, and will dissolve the enamel at the same time, making the baby tooth more prone to dental decay.

Dental decay in children is still a major problem. It may cause pain to your child, which makes the child harder to treat, and it can become a costly exercise.


Parents can help prevent tooth decay in children by -

  • Brushing / flossing their child’s teeth to the age or 7-8 yrs.
  • Limiting the sweet snacks during the day
  • Limit the consumption of sugary drinks / sodas / sports drinks.
  • Keep your regular dental checkups to help prevent developing problems
  • Sending your child to school with water and not fruit juices / poppers / cordials


Please ask us if you have any other questions. Our job is to help prevent dental decay.